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How To Configure Charter Spectrum Email On iPhone 6?

Configuring a third party email clients on your iPhone 6 model is so simple that you can easily do it without taking anybody’s help. We want to mention here that third party email client is just an application for your personal Wi-Fi devices or Personal computer that allows you to send, receive and arrange email. Some of the major examples of this application are Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook and Windows Live mail.

Today, in this blog post we are going to discuss the steps to configure Charter Com Login or Spectrum Email on your iPhone 6 model by using third party email clients discussed in the above passage. Read the below-mentioned setup carefully and try it on your phone. If you find any problem, then you can take Charter Help from the official link or by calling at Charter support number.

iPhone Wi-Fi And Email Connection :

To connect your iPhone to the home Wi-Fi network and to the Spectrum Email account, follow the information provided below in this blog post.

For Wireless Connection :

First of all, we are going to discuss the steps to connect your iPhone to the home Wi-Fi network. These steps are almost same for all wireless devices but with minor alterations.

  1. Go to iPhone settings and open it.
  2. Select Wi-Fi option from the list of menus.
  3. You must ensure that your Wi-Fi is turned on.
  4. Open the Wi-Fi menu and search for the home network by tapping on ‘choose a network’ option.
  5. You will now be asked to enter the password for your wireless network if you have set it up earlier.
  6. Click on ‘join the network’ to finish the process of wireless connection.

Note : You will find a checkmark next to the wireless network SSID. This means that you have successfully established a Wireless network on your device.

Connecting to a hidden Wireless Network

If the network is hidden, then you won’t be able to locate it in the list of available network. So, in such cases, you will require the exact name of the network for connection.

The process to connect to hidden Wi-Fi network is discussed below :

  1. Open the iPhone settings, then go to ‘Wi-Fi’ option.
  2. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is on during this operation.
  3. Click on ‘other’ below the list of available networks.
  4. Type the correct name of the network, then click on security.
  5. Select the ‘Security’ type. Here we want to mention that not all the hidden networks are protected, so if you are unsure about it, then go to the network administrator.
  6. Click on the ‘other’ networks to return to the earlier screen.
  7. Enter the accurate Network password in the relevant field, then click on ‘Join’.

Spectrum Email configuration :

Before starting using Spectrum Email on your iPhone, you need to add the particular email account in the mail section of your phone.

For this, follow the steps carefully mentioned below :

  • Go to the home screen of your phone and open the ‘settings’.
  • Go to ‘Mail’ option.
  • Click on Accounts, then tap on ‘Add account’ option.
  • Enter the below-mentioned information in this new account setup section.
  • Name: Enter the name of your choice which you wish to get appeared on your email chat
  • Email: Type the email address followed by charter email.net link.
  • Password: The password is required for the spectrum mail sign in function. You can set according to your ease.
  • Description: This is the name to identify your Charter Email Login account. It will not appear on the others screen.
  • If you are prompted here, then use the Spectrum mail settings provided on the official website and click on the ‘Next’.
  • Save all the settings after being verified from the server.

So, this is all about the configuration process, If you are still having any problem, then you can call at Charter Email Support number provided on the link.

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